Opening Weekend: Saturday May 28 - Monday May 30


Currently, Saluda River Rambler offers one, self-guided six mile kayak tour which takes about 3 hours.
  • Our rate is $25 per person per kayak rental which includes shuttle and all gear.
  • If you have your own kayak, our shuttle rate is $10 per person.
  • Our tandem kayak is $25 per person, so $50 total for this kayak.
  • 27 sit on top kayaks with 240 lb weight capacity (1 seat)
  • 1 tandem kayak (2 seats)
  • 5 sit on top with 300 lb weight capacity (1 seat)

    Note: This is our inventory and does not represent what has been booked.  You must book to reserve.
Booking available again on May 1st.
Opening Weekend:
Saturday May 28- Monday May 30
For more information or for Private events during the month of May, call (864) 508-6295.